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Three generations of thoroughbred experience


North Farm Stud - History & HEROS


Fawley Stud was set up in the early 1950s by David (Ian) & Agnes Muir and their success was built on the performance of horses bred there. Among these was "What a Myth", who was bred at Fawley Stud and trained by Ryan Price and who won the Cheltenham Gold Cup in 1969 and the Whitbread at Sandown in 1966. Ryan Price was a regular customer at the stud and a friend of the Muir family. After selling Fawley Stud in 1982, Mr and Mrs Muir spent seven years negotiating with the planning authorities for permission to get change of use on the current site which is now North Farm Stud.

North Farm Stud Ltd was established in 1989 and many of Mr & Mrs Muir's old owners returned to them. Since then the facility has gone from strength to strength under the management of Grace Muir, their youngest daughter, who was appointed this position in 1998 and continues to build on its past successes. 



Having found many new homes and careers in the early years for horses in their care who had retired from Racing, North Farm Stud is now dedicating additional resources to its racehorse rehoming and retraining activities in support of the Racing Industry. Grace finally received Charitable Status for a charity called HEROS (Homing Ex-Racehorses Organisation Scheme) in 2006. The charity is based at North Farm Stud and therefore it is looked on as the “Home of HEROS”.


Whilst it is true that HEROS could not have existed without the support of Mr. Ian and Mrs. Agnes Muir, HEROS and North Farm Stud should never be mixed up in any way.  

North Farm Stud is a commercial enterprise where mares are foaled, yearlings broken and prepared for sale, horses are rehabilitated post injuries and retrained and where horses are turned out for their summer/winter breaks.  HEROS is a completely separate entity which has the good fortune to operate from the North Farm Stud site.  It pays its rent and buys in expert services and raw materials from North Farm Stud.  While, for obvious reasons, it enjoys the benefit of discounted charitable rates, it does it's best to pay its monthly bills on time.  North Farm Stud gains no financial benefit from HEROS; in fact it is quite the reverse. People often seems to suffer from the misconception that HEROS is part of North Farm Stud or vice versa.  This confusion is most unfortunate because it leads to a view that HEROS can survive without substantial charitable giving and sponsorship.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  North Farm Stud has absolutely no responsibility for HEROS.





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