North Farm Stud offers a range of breeding options. There are exclusive spaces available for permanent boarding mares; either in foal, barren or maiden and quality care is given to these throughout their breeding and foaling seasons.

During the breeding seasons (February to July) we also take in temporary boarders for natural and AI covers (chilled and frozen) working with a team of specialist vets who regularly visit the premises.

Walk-in coverings (including professional handling and transport) is offered on site.

At North Farm Stud we cover every aspect of equine breeding, holding a successful track record in the thoroughbred industry for over 3 generations

Our facilities include;

7 large mare and foal barns,

4 foaling stables with CCTV cameras and heaters.

2 ICU sheds with drip hooks, heating lamps and CCTV cameras.

3 individual nursery turnout paddocks

Multiple group grass paddocks on sloping hills, improving foal development and allowing for year round turnout.

5 varied size straw turnout barns for young stock to reside in post weaning.

Rubber floored, non-slip veterinary clinical room with stocks. This room is designed to accommodate young foals standing with their mothers, reducing stress and anxiety that even temporary separation may cause.

Two horseboxes enabling us to present mares to studs for walk in service

See our rehabilitation page for more details about Equine Rehabilitation care at North Farm Stud.

Resident teasers

PUTRA SAS – 16hh 2001 bay stallion

Download full pedigree in pdf format (126 kb)

Putra Sas retired from racing after being trained by Paul Cole in June 2006. He came to North Farm Stud as a teaser but has covered mares in the past, producing lovely, great tempered stock. He thoroughly enjoys his seasonal work and lives turned out, full time in the summer months with a gelding as a companion.

Our stallions would be the envy of any studs around as they are very good to handle, even the more experienced students who are doing the breeding modules.  We consider this to be because of the way horses are treated at North Farm Stud and the normal lives they lead.